The Electronic Informational Boards are efficient tools of mass communication, highly attractive media to disseminate messages with great impact to the public.



Wide range of solutions:

A customized solution, developed with the most reliable technology according to your needs, to ensure disclosures with great emphasis.
- Indoor or outdoor use;
- Numeric characters, alphanumeric characters (text and numbers) and/or graphics (full matrix);
- Single face or double sided face;
- Panels with one or more lines of text;
- To design the optimal dimensions of the panel, are considered the maximum viewing distance, the size of the digits and the number of characters displayed simultaneously, ensuring the readability of the message and a clear view of information even great distances.


Versatile and attractive information:

Optimized for different applications, and customized according to your needs. Can display time (with programming for automatic adjustment of daylight saving), date , temperature, and custom messages (25 messages of 72 characters, optionally expandable to 250 messages), with effects such as double letter, blink, moving, rolling.


High-brightness LEDs:

Uses the latest technology in LED displays or Clusters (groupings of LED's) with 100% digital technology, in the colors amber, blue, white, red, green, red/green, rgb (check availability). Optionally, enables you to adjust the brightness control automatically with an ambient light sensor, or by pre-scheduled hours.


Programming Software – optional:

Updating of data in real time through a Computer Software, when agility is essential. With smart technology, allows to easily configure the information and options of your panel.


Agility and dynamism:

With smart technology, information and messages can be configured easily through different communication modules:
– AT keyboard connected directly to the Panel
– RS232/RS485 Serial Cable
– TCP/IP Ethernet
– TCP/IP Wireless WiFi
– Wireless


High durability:

Developed with the finest materials, are manufactured with high strength structure in aluminum or carbon steel, with epoxy black matte paint. Feature forced ventilation, which further increases its durability. For outdoor use, they count with special treatment resistant to weathering and UV rays, and are protected against the entrance of liquids. Are coated with anti-glare polycarbonate or acrylic front plates, ensuring the best finishing, with great visual results.



Easy to install, with suspended or wall mounting, and very simple to use. The Imply® Displays have factory warranty and technical support of our highly qualified team.

What solution can we create for you?

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