Key – Imply® Building Access Control

Let Imply® protect and monitor your operations with our security and access control products.

i-Key® is a security system with an integrated management system for each one of your building's access points, controlled via a flexible and intelligent management central (hub). It is a high-tech solution that’s easy to use and designed to improve your security processes in an efficient manner. The ideal solution for controlling access to your restricted areas, hard-hat areas, and locations with sensitive information.




Gives you the power to know who is inside your facility, when and where. Combines different technologies for user identification, restricting access to doors and gates in accordance with the most stringent security requirements, in order to reliably control accesses anywhere in your facility. 



High-speed transmission of information accurately and reliably. User access is immeadiate to your facilities. Ease to operate, optimizes both human and operational resources.



Controls access for thousands of accesses and different users, managing complex systems of restrictions and permissions to suit your needs.


Robust and fail safe system:

All access information is processed through a completely secure, encrypted bus with TCP / IP communication. The system avoids human error and reduces the risk of tampering. The system also features memory for offline operation, continuing to operate even when network connectivity is lost.


Centralize your security decisions with full control:

Pull reports for all granted accesses, monitor the flow of accesses, centrally manage access restrictions and permissions of each door for different users. Create access restrictions and permissions for users, including: single access, access quantity limit for each door, time and days of the week, access period, doors/areas that can be used, require biometric validation before access approval, emit alert for soliciting documents.



The system uses the highest validation technologies integrated into a single platform:

- Smartcard: RFID Proximity cards.

- Biometrics.


Personalize your Communication:

i-Key system allows you to personalize the messages that are displayed on the LCD screens, for each user or group of users, displaying welcome messages with an name or customizable messages.


High Technology Validators for doors:

The sensors and validators can be installed in several different types of doors, that open inward or outward. The electromagnetic locks are capable of holding up to 500kgf, with silent and smooth operation when opening and closing.



The equipment is developed with the finest materials, designed to operate 24 hours a day.



The station for accreditation of users allows registering photo, personal data, and to specify each person's access rights. You can define a range of days and times to limit access, request biometric identification before validation, among other options.



We offer several options of modern turnstiles that adapt according to the needs of each space, fully integrated into the access management system.

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