Imply® Technology featured in the 28th Oktoberfest

Imply® Technology featured in the 28th Oktoberfest

Between 10 to 21 October, Santa Cruz do Sul received thousands of visitors from all over Brazil and abroad for the 28th Oktoberfest and Feirasul. Among hundreds of artistic and cultural attractions, the event that marks the annual calendar of the city, had another strong point: Imply technology.

The partnership between Imply and Oktoberfest has lasted 3 years and has modernized the services that are offered to the public, including access to the park and the parking lot.

The access of visitors to the park was facilitated by the Imply® Access & Ticketing System – Sigi Circus. According to the receptionist at the Oktoberfest, Leticia Schmidt, Imply® System facilitated their work. “The system is very smooth and has made the access to visitors into the park much easier. It helped a lot to improve the flow of people because it is a fast and easy access. The system is great!”

Fabio Borba, President of Assemp which organizes the event, says the SIGI CIRCUS offers, as well as agility, security on the box office services. “The system provides far more security in the box office. Regarding the forgery of tickets, financial reporting and statistics regarding what kind of access we are having at the event. At one point during the 28th Oktoberfest we found that there was a very significant inflow number of blood donors that was not compatible with the data we had. We ended up discovering fake blood donors and solved a problem that could become serious.”
The parking lots of the Feast of Joy also have been modernized with the Imply® Services. The i-Parking – Imply® Parking Management System – made the vehicle flow faster and safer. Four electronic gates were installed to organize the parking.

The President of Assemp still stresses that the i-Parking brought, besides more agility, other benefits to the organization of the event. “With the system, was given a jump in quality to what existed before. We began to have access to the number of vehicles. Now we know how many vehicles enter and how many leave, the time of occupation, the turnover rate and these data are important.”

Besides SIGI CIRCUS and i-Parking, the 28th Oktoberfest featured Imply® Electronic Displays and a modern PEM – Electronic Message Panel.

In the 2012 edition, the Oktoberfest organization recorded more than 400 000 visitors and the highlights of the event were the music concerts, which gathered more than 53 thousand people.

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