1 year, 1 million access

1 year, 1 million access

Testimony of Ivan Hennig – P&D

The SIGI CIRCUS is a product who was planed to be itinerant, being present in the state principal events. The first events were Oktoberfest and Enart, in 2010, where was registered 300 thousand access. The accredited were registered days before, using name, document and picture. Was a good test and enough to please the Planeta Atlântida organizers, the next challenge.

To attend the Planeta Atlântida in Florianópolis/SC and Atlântida/RS, the Circus had some modifications and doubled your size. The tourniquets received external readers and was integrated with the tickets of Ingresso Rápido. Was registered 115 thousand access.

For the XV Rodeio of Passo Fundo, the CIRCUS had improvements. The accredit registers was made using only the picture, who was registered in the first exhibitor access, this avoided the queues and take them very satisfaied. In one week, the event had 40 thousand people. During the Carnival, operating in Bragança Paulista/SP and in the Terreirão do Samba/RJ, was registered more than 110 thousand access.

In Shakira’s show, the CIRCUS was essential for the organization decision. They knew how many tickets they were sold, the CIRCUS knew that had about 2 thousand people outside the show, and would take 30 minutes to everyone entering. With this infomation, the show delayed the sufficient and registered 25 thousand people. In this event, the CIRCUS was integrated with the Livepass tickets.

The Atlântida Festival also had CIRCUS, that had 11 thousand access. The Expointer 2011, the biggest challenge of all, the CIRCUS doubled the size one more time, more improvements and recieved new equipments, vehicle barrier and terminals for ticket validation. We had a lot of meetings and visits to recognize the Exhibition Park. In addition to access, this time was made the ticket and parking control. More than 100 people envolved. The technical team went to Esteio/RS almost half a month before, to ensure the success on the event. The first days had, in average, 40 thousand access. For the weekend that was comming, was estimated biggest movement. Thinking in this, more 20 employees of the Imply factory went to the event. Everyone works almost 20 hours daily, with much commitment and dedication, for in the final, reach the mark of 1 million access.

In the Oktoberfest 2011, was celebrated the 1º year of SIGI CIRCUS who exceeded the mark of 1 million access.

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