SALEX 2006

SALEX 2006

The 17ª South American Leisure Exposition took place with a team that pawned for the event’s success. Despite of the different and valuable contributions, is necessary to stand out a common factor to them all, that guaranteed not barely the success of this edition of the fair, but that has also guaranteed the success of other editions: the commitment with IMPLY ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY.

With the good repercussion of our participation in Salex 2006, IMPLY ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY thanks the collaboration of all visitors, that a lot contributed for the success of the expo, carried out between July 23th and 25th 2006 in the city of São Paulo SP.

We thank all people who came to give life to Salex 2006, with their presence in our stand. The confidence and resulting partnership of this support has lead us to the development of researches that enable the consolidation of this relationship. To you our gratitude. After the closing of Salex 2006, we believe to have fulfilled our objective of presenting technological innovations, seeking to bring the interaction of new tendencies applied to Information and Entertainment.

To the everybody that expressed their support to this commitment of ours, by participating of Salex 2006, as sincere gratitude of this partnership, our THANK YOU!


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