2.5 million fans visited the Gremio Arena since its opening

Completing the landmark of 100 games since its opening on December 8, 2012, the Gremio Arena totaled about 25,000 fans per game. The celebration of the 100 games in the Gremio Arena is also related to its structure, which is known as the most modern multipurpose complex in Latin America.

At first contact with the Gremio Arena, it’s already possible to notice its differential. The Imply® Access technology integrates 104 turnstiles, building access, parking and different channels to purchase tickets. Thus, the complex innovates and ensures easy and smart access.

According to Marcelo Jorge, Operations Director of the Gremio Arena, “The ease of purchasing the ticket online, without the need for voucher exchange, avoiding queues at the box office and offering comfort and convenience to the fans also stand out. The Self-service terminals further diversify the channels to purchase tickets.”

Self service for buying tickets is a technology used only by Arena Gremio among Brazilian Arenas. A pioneer in innovation, the structure offers the latest technology and sophisticated environments for all kinds of events: cultural, social or sports.