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Planning a Bowling? We will help you!

We develop official and custom Bowling Lanes. We will plan, design, manufacture and install the ideal Bowling Alleys for your space. We use the most modern technologies for our Bowling Equipment. In addition, we offer all the support and the most innovative and reliable products. No matter the size of your space, we develop a project for you. Create amazing Bowling experiences! High-tech fun for all ages.


What is the infrastructure needed to assemble a Bowling Lane?

With a space starting at 8,25 m (28′) you can already have a MiniBowling Lane. For an Official Bowling Alley, the space required is 29,85m (98′). Imply® develops Bowling Lanes with official dimensions or customized Bowling Lanes for your space. From the floor plan of your venue, our consultants can assist you in creating a customized project especially for you. We can suggest the position of the lanes in your space and our team can assist you in planning the architectural design. 

We are ready to help you create your Bowling. With the support of the Imply® Team, you have total support to create your Bowling, with innovative technologies. Contact us today!

What is the difference between entertainment and professional bowling?

Entertainment bowling is mainly aimed for families and groups of friends who are looking for fun. In addition, the lanes can be manufactured in various sizes and can be adapted to the available space. 

Professional bowling requires compliance with the dimensions and technical requirements of the International Bowling Federation (IBF). The IBF approves the use of Pinsetting Machines with string technologies for sports leagues, competitive tournaments, and bowling sports championships around the world. Imply® Bowling Lanes have advanced technologies that meet the IBF technical requirements.

What is Mini Bowling and what is it for?

Mini Bowling is the perfect entertainment for families with children. It is a bowling lane with a shorter length, balls and pins in a smaller size, several technologies and lighting effects that fascinate all players. 

It is a great family entertainment and ideal for condos, houses, bars and pubs, hotels, and more. Discover Imply® Mini Bowling!

What are the main advantages of bowling?

This super fun entertainment promotes several advantages, such as:

  • It is suitable for people of all ages, physical abilities and skill levels;
  • Easy to learn;
  • It is a very healthy and fun activity;
  • It is not seasonal, that is, it is successful all year round;
  • Improves motor coordination and balance;
  • Burns calories and promotes weight loss;
  • It works several muscle groups, tendons, joints, and ligaments.

Where can a bowling center be installed?

Bowling lanes can be installed in houses, condominiums, restaurants, bars, pub’s, hotels, resorts, family entertainment centers, event centers, buffets, parks, and more. Imply® develops customized Bowling lanes for each space.

Why choose Imply® to build your bowling?

Imply® is globally recognized as one of the leading Bowling manufacturers in the World. With Imply®, you have the latest technological innovations at your disposal. We are continuously developing new technologies and thinking about the future of Bowling. Imply® Equipments stand out for their high quality, with CE and UL certifications. Ensures unparalleled performance, minimal maintenance and low operating costs. Imply® consultants will help you create a custom project for your space, meeting all your needs of lane dimensions and customizations. So, choose Imply® for your Bowling, and count with our extensive global experience.