Full Color Display

Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays: Discover the most advanced technology to transform your visual communication with high impact!

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Enhance experiences and increase visual impact

Experience modernity and superior visuals with our Full Color LED Displays. These Displays deliver high-fidelity videos and images with exceptional quality, bringing the latest in visual communication to your brand. Utilize our cutting-edge LED display technology to captivate audiences and create high-impact, standout visual messages for your space.
LED displays are ideal for a wide range of applications, including advertising, shows, sports, stadiums, roads, shopping centers, and building facades. Install them in high-traffic areas to promote anything with striking visual impact: useful information, news, products, services, events, sponsors, sports scores, videos, detailed live images, and more.


High resolution

Use our cutting-edge technology for the best image quality. Offer more attractive visual experiences to the public, with perfect content visibility. We offer several models with resolutions between P4 and P16:

✔ P 4: It has smaller LEDs and 4 mm pixels, with greater definition for proximity to the public.

✔ P 16: It has larger LEDs with 16 mm pixels, ideal for viewing from a distance.


Quality and Versatility

✔ High Image Definition: More than 280 trillion colors for rich, impactful visual experiences.
✔ Dynamic Information: It is possible to display practically any type of content, such as videos, images, animations, dynamic texts and live broadcasts.
✔ Web Management: Easy real-time control of content, with remote management and scheduling options.
✔ High Brightness LEDs: They attract attention and guarantee clear images that can be seen even from great distances.
✔ High Luminosity: Automatic brightness control option that adapts to the ambient brightness.
✔ Green Technology: Low consumption LEDs offer modernity with energy efficiency.
✔ High Durability: Highly resistant structures and modules developed to offer maximum durability and excellent visual results.
✔ Indoor and Outdoor: Complete portfolio for applications in indoor and outdoor environments, with waterproof options and IP54 and IP65 protection.

What solution can we create for you?

We develop personalized Displays and structures adapted to your needs, to guarantee disclosures with excellent prominence and visibility. We offer options for suspended structures, in concrete, in tube poles, in 360° rotating structures, structures for field perimeters with levels of inclination, among others. Get in touch and explore our rental and sales options available.

Success Stories


Morumbi Stadium @ São Paulo, Brazil

2 LED Displays measuring 154 m² each


Castelão Arena @ Fortaleza, Brazil

2 LED Displays measuring 90 m² each


Centenario Stadium @ Montevideo, Uruguay

LED Display with 83.8 m²


Campeón del Siglo Stadium @ Montevideo, Uruguay

LED Display with 79.6m²


La Nueva Olla Stadium @ Asunción, Paraguay

135 m² LED Displays and 110 m² LED Displays on the Field Perimeter


Arena Independencia @ Belo Horizonte, Brazil

LED Display with 77 m²


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