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The new generation of Bowling has arrived: Even more modern, intuitive and fun!

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Imply® is one of the world’s leading bowling brands, with two decades of extensive global experience. There are thousands of Bowling Alleys with Imply® technology on 5 continents.

Bowling is the perfect attraction for all ages: Easy to learn, it can be played by people of all ages, physical abilities and skill levels. It’s excellent for fun with family and friends, birthdays, events and happy hours. Increases audience engagement, length of stay, revenue per visit and rate of repeat customers for your business.



design and technology

We are a global reference in innovation. With Imply®, you have the most modern technological innovations at your disposal. We are continually developing new technologies and creating the future of Bowling to always offer you the best.

The super modern design of our Bowling Alleys guarantees the “WOW” Effect:

✓ 55″ 4k UHD LCD Screens, or Projection System throughout the Panel, to display scoring information  in an incredible way.

✓ Players can access scoring and game options very easily through the 18.5″ Interactive Kiosk and through their Smartphones.

✓ Exclusive colorful lighting system with RGB LEDs provides a light show, with incredible animated and interactive colorful visual effects according to each move. And the Evolution Bowling Show Interactive Platform projects 3D visual effects that interact with the lanes and balls in real time.

✓ Ball speed is measured by sensors and displayed with each play, and more!

Super User friendly

Developed with the best technologies to offer innovative experiences for operators and users.

✓ Imply® BowlingNet Automatic Scoring System is very intuitive. Adding players, selecting game options, viewing scores and rankings is quick and easy.

✓ Imply® BowlingNet Operation Center offers all the tools to facilitate the commercial operation of your Bowling: Displays the status of each lane, with options to open and close lanes, payment methods, reports and more.

✓ Imply® 11PSM Pinsetter Machine guarantees agility, high performance and safety, with lots of onboard technology: exclusive self-diagnosis system, noise reduction, reduced energy consumption and intelligent systems that reduce the need for maintenance.

Quality assurance

We know you expect nothing less than the best.

✓ Our equipment is designed to be super smart, safe and easy to use. Maintenance is reduced and made easier. We offer full operating training, factory warranty and support.

✓ We use ultra-resistant materials that remain as new for many years of continuous use.

✓ We follow international quality standards. Our Bowling Alleys follow the official standards of the International Bowling Federation (IBF). Imply® has an ISO9001 Quality Management System, and the equipment is recognized by UL and CE certifications. These approvals certify that the equipment is audited to guarantee our commitment to maximum quality for your complete satisfaction.

✓ 100% own development, manufacturing and support. Imply® Technology Park has several integrated factories and state-of-the-art equipment.


If you are planning a Bowling, you are in the right place. We develop complete solutions, with official or customized Bowling Alleys according to your needs. Count on support from our experts at all stages of your Bowling: Planning, architectural design, manufacturing, installation, training, consultancy, after-sales and upgrades.

Based on your site blueprint, our team will create a project especially for your space.

Contact us today to start your project!

What our Customers say

“We are currently using Imply® Bowling at Xtreme in Fort Lauderdale and K-1 Speed in Orlando. Both work well and we intend to use the Imply® Bowling on future projects.” David Goldfarb, Owner Primetime Amusements, USA

“Imply® Bowling was one of the best decisions of my life. I already had 4 Centers and now I have opened a new center with 12 Imply® Bowling lanes. The quality is incredible and exceeded all my expectations.” Sven Eisswein, Owner Avior Entertainment, Germany

“We installed Imply® Bowling to innovate in entertainment. We received compliments and a lot of demand. I highlight the very good service from Imply® from the beginning of the negotiations to after-sales. Helpful, professional and very objective team.” Ivana Brasão, Director Portobello Resort, Brazil

“We had a very professional service. I recommend Imply®.” Phillip James, CEO Desert Palace Hotel & Casino Resort, South Africa

“Very good bowling. Super professional team.” Sergej Hörner, Owner Black Mission Area, Germany

“We are completely satisfied and intend to continue using Imply® Bowling in our future projects.” Jean-Pierre Guillard, Owner Rede Metropolis, France

“I am very grateful for Imply®’s partnership and readiness to assist with all our needs. The assistance we received with installation and training was excellent!” Alexandre Ruelli, Owner Bowl Itajubá, Brazil

“For Bowling, we selected Imply®. It’s a fantastic system and they customized it for us. We are very happy with Imply® and I highly recommend their products.” Joachim De Munck, Owner FEC Legenturia, Belgium

“Competent, experienced and committed team with quality products.” Maurício Ferreira, Owner Bilhares Carrinho, Portugal

“We thank you for your attention, respect, quality and meeting deadlines.” Isabela de Andrade Passos, OR Project Coordinator, Brazil

“Our guests love Bowling. It’s great entertainment for friends and family.” Anne Dumez, Manager Hotel Le Diamond Rock, France

“We chose Imply® because of its reputation and quality and we are very happy!” Beatriz Oliveira, Marketing Casino Resort, Brazil


Official Bowling: 29,80 m | 97′ 10″
We develop customized Bowling Alleys for your available space.

1 lane: 1,87 m | 6′ 2″
2 lanes: 3,43 m | 11′ 3″
3 lanes: 5,27 m | 17′ 4″
4 lanes: 6,82 m | 22′ 5″
5 lanes: 8,66 m | 28′ 6″
6 lanes: 10,22 m | 33′ 7″
8 lanes: 13,61 m | 44′ 8″
10 lanes: 17,00 m | 55′ 10″


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