Membership, VIP Tier, Monthly Subscription, and Advantage Club Management

Comprehensive platform tailored to streamline your Membership, VIP Tier, Monthly Subscription, and Advantage Club Management.

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Explore how our platform fosters deeper connections with your brand, cultivates loyalty, and encourages repeat engagement

ElevenMembership is a comprehensive all-in-one platform designed to attract and captivate repeat customers, fostering enduring brand loyalty and member retention. Seamlessly manage your membership and VIP clientele with a suite of integrated tools consolidated within an unified platform.

Manage members and vip tiers with our comprehensive platform

ElevenMembership stands as the ultimate solution for effectively managing your membership and VIP programs. Elevate your membership base with intelligent tools engineered for enhanced efficiency, performance, and time savings:

Diverse tools to foster recurring engagement

Various tools aimed at optimizing relationships, enhancing loyalty and engagement among associates and VIP members:

Streamlined automation of journeys and processes for new subscriptions, payments, monthly fees, renewals and services;

 Ideal for boosting revenue through repeated sales of monthly or seasonal packages;

 Comprehensive loyalty and rewards program platform to maximize retention: Enroll, score, foster loyalty, offer rewards and incentives;

Tailored scheduling of personalized emails throughout the customer journey and for specific campaigns like benefits clubs and discount coupons;

 Access intuitive dashboards and reports featuring real-time data and insights. Real-time data analysis empowers you to refine your loyalty and recurrence strategies across all channels;

Unleash the potential of ElevenMembership, seamlessly integrable with your company’s existing systems and databases;

And much more! Reach out to us to explore all the features and benefits.


Member Portal

We create your Brand’s Web Portal and Mobile App for members:

 Modern and intuitive interface that facilitates contracting plans, with plan options to encourage new members to join.

 Account creation and login for already registered members with all tools for member self-service, access to products and services, and useful information;

 It is possible to create and update content easily, including access to exclusive content for members;

 Gamification and Benefits Program: Catalog of benefits, points statement, exchange of points for prizes, exclusive experiences and events for members;

 Portal integrated with your internet domain;

 Fully responsive, the Portal adapts to every type of device or screen;

 Multi-Language Option: additional languages ​​can be added as needed;


Flexible and tailored platform for your enterprise

The ElevenMembership platform is tailored to suit your business needs, providing a comprehensive toolkit to elevate your membership, VIP engagement, and customer retention. With our experient consultancy, we infuse quality and commit to optimizing your brand’s outcomes. Harnessing creative ideas, reliable technologies, and adaptable business models, we ensure alignment with your unique requirements. We stand ready as your collaborative partners to craft a custom solution just for you! Reach out today. What solution can we create for you?


Success Stories

“This 360 hub developed in partnership with Imply® comes to revolutionize Internacional’s relationship with its fans and members, with content, information, technology and ease.” Mr. Victor Grunberg, Vice-President of Sport Club Internacional

“Imply® is a long-time partner. We live in a time of digital transformation and it is imperative to have a technology platform focused on the fan member’s experience. We created an app and a website, unifying the entire experience of our fans and members on a single platform. Imply® is definitely a great partner. We have many projects for the future.” Mr. Jeremias Goedert, IT Manager at Sport Club Internacional

“We have several online reports for developing indicators, easy to use and access data, even on a cell phone. The reports provide all the necessary data and can be customized. The System is integrated with our ERP, and the entire solution is integrated – member management, ticketing and access control – on the same platform.” Mr. Paulo Pinheiro, CEO of Holding Beira-Rio S/A

“It is of fundamental importance for the success of events to have the support of Imply®. Imply® provides us with an extreme technology platform, with access control, ticket sales, and agility in relationships with our fans and members. We have a great partnership, with customizations and whenever we need any assistance. Today I can say very clearly and very objectively that Imply® is in fact our main partner.” Mr. Yuri Romão, President of Sport Club do Recife




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