Queue Management System

Complete platform to optimize your customer service management.

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Enhance Customer Service

Transform the customer service experience with cutting-edge technology! Increase your customer satisfaction and service efficiency with our complete and intuitive platform.

Self-service Kiosks for Check-in

Upon arrival, the user goes to the Kiosk to check-in. We offer two versions for customer check-in at self-service kiosks:
• Password: User selects the desired service option and receives a printed ticket with the password. The information on the ticket can be personalized with company name, logo, text, service, password, date, time and estimated waiting time. The System announces the call password and the service location visually on the LCD displays and via audio.
• Name: Users enter their name and choose the service option. The System announces the user’s name and the service location visually on the LCD displays and via audio.
The system simultaneously manages queues for different service categories. It is possible to define priorities by type of service, with normal or priority service options.

Service calls and digital signage

The platform displays the last service calls on the LCD display, including the customer’s password or name, and the service location. To attract attention, an audible alert signal and an exclusive voice system come into action when a new service is called.
The dynamic digital signage system also allows users to display clock, TV channels, news, images, videos and customizable messages, keeping users informed and entertained while they wait. It is possible to promote institutional or promotional campaigns, in addition to customizing the interface and voice options according to your preferences, making the experience even more enriching.

More Agility and Efficiency at Service Stations

In the intuitive and easy-to-use interface, attendants view average waiting time, number of people in queues, and have total control with just one click: They can call the next service, repeat a call, start or end a service.
Our platform provides essential information for each service, including the service category, average waiting time and the possibility of additional resources such as:
• Database of customer data, minimizing the time to insert data at each service;
• Registration and consultation of protocol numbers;
• Scheduling new service for a specific day and time;
• Integrated chat to facilitate communication between attendants and supervisors.

Collect Customer Satisfaction Feedback

The Service Evaluation System allows you to monitor your customers’ satisfaction level in real time, through the valuable feedback received. You offer your customers an interactive and dynamic experience with the touchscreen tablet where customers evaluate service in an entirely easy, fast and convenient way.

Easy management and operation

With our integrated management center, you have real-time information and complete tools to:
• Centrally analyze the performance of operations in different agencies;
• Monitor queues and service performance by category, attendant and agency;
• Access graphs, reports and statistics for planning and decision making;
• Access settings, such as defining the types of services and priorities served by each counter or attendant;

Instant Alerts for Managers

Our alerts feature sends instant notifications to managers about critical events, such as when the defined waiting time limit is exceeded, number of people in the queue, number of daily services and more.

What solution can we create for you?

Our platform is flexible, efficient and offers high-performance. Combining specialized consultancy, cutting-edge hardware, intuitive software and vast experience, we are ready to create the ideal solution for your needs and exceed expectations. We customize according to your organization’s needs, ensuring that the solution is perfectly aligned with your objectives. Contact us for more information.

What our customers have to say

“The various options provided make it possible to act in a personalized way, with service closer to our members. The system is flexible, so we can adapt it according to the needs and demands of the Service Units.” Mr. Douglas Sterz, IT Advisor at Sicredi

“Brought numerous features, mainly the automation of preliminary assistance.” Mr. Kristian Felipe da Rosa, Federal Police Manager

“We have been using since 2008. The system is efficient, optimizing our management and speeding up services. We increased the number of daily services by 200% and reduced waiting times for our customers.” Mr. Henrique Trentin, Notary at the Trentin Registry Office



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