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Queue Management System & Customer Flow Management Platform.

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Queue Management System

Queue Management System Maestro Web is a powerful strategic tool for expanding your management capabilities in ways never before imagined. Customer service is a decisive factor for the success of a business. Knowing this, IMPLY® develops intelligent solutions for customer flow management.

Maestro Web is a complete solution that can integrate:

  • Self-Service Kiosks to check in for the services.
  • Queue Management System – System for scheduling appointments.
  • Employee performance monitoring.
  • Performance monitoring of customer service in different branches and agencies.
  • Monitoring the performance of services – customer feedback management.
  • Digital Signage: Complete system for displaying messages, useful information, products and services advertisements, promotions, news, TV channel, and more.
  • Business Intelligence, reports and graphs for real-time analysis with key information on the performance of customer service.
  • Customer data registers, minimizing the time and costs for filling out forms to each service.
  • Alert System: feature that sends instant notifications to managers on critical events such as waiting times limit warnings.


Convenience for your customers


The Maestro Web Queue Management System helps reduce the waiting time and the size of the queues, increasing customer satisfaction by providing more convenience and comfort. Upon arrival, the user goes to the Kiosk for check-in. We offer two versions:
Print Password: The user selects the service option of his choice, and receives a printed ticket with the password. The LCD displays will show when the password is called and the location for the service. The password is also announced through an intelligent voice system.
Password by Name: The user enters his full name, and selects the service option of his choice. The LCD displays will show when the user’s name is called and the location for the service. The user and service location are also announced through an intelligent voice system.

Flexible Software


We will customize our solution to fit your business needs. Manage different types of queues lines for varied service categories of services categories. The software allows you to configure which services can be directed to each booth, and register service priorities to specific customers or any other parameters you wish to prioritize.

Maestro Display


Digital signage maximizes the impact and interactivity to spread advertisements, promotions and messages to the public in a very efficient and cost effective way.

Create your own TV channel


With the SuperMedia Interactive Media System, you can use Maestro Visualizer to promote your products and services, display messages and news, TV channels, useful information, and more.

Maestro Printer Terminal


Available on the totem version with 16 buttons for the different options of care, or the version with Touch Screen LCD: with simple touches on the screen, users select the desired service. The touch screen model allows you to customize the service interface, with several options to customize the look and create menus according to your preferences. Includes a thermal printer to supply passwords coupons, and uses paper rolls with high autonomy, reducing supplies replacement operations. With a bold slim design, the ticket printing terminal can be customized with your logo.

Printed Tickets


The information displayed in the tickets printed can be customized with your company name, logo, images, messages, date, time, and estimated waiting time.

Maestro Client


Each attendant will have access to Maestro software on their computer to call the passwords. The software is very easy to use, with the objective to streamline services. With one click, the attendant can call the next person’s ticket number in the queue, call a ticket again, start the service, or end the current service. Useful information is displayed for each service, like: ticket number, service category, waiting time, and also general information about the average waiting time and number of people in the queues. There are also other advantages such as the possibility of registering customer data (minimizing the time to fill out forms for each service), scheduling a call to a customer in a specific day and time, chat-service to further facilitate communication between the supervisor and employees, among other tools.

Maestro Evaluator


Monitor customer satisfaction with feedback in real time. As an option, you can have a 7″ touch screen tablet where customers immediately rate the services rendered to them. Customers will use the touch screen tablet to choose from the options of: Great, Good, Fair or Poor. Their selections are confirmed with a screen indicating that the evaluation was registered successfully.

Real-time monitoring


Maestro Queue Management System displays to managers real-time information about wait times, queue lines and customer service performance.

Business Intelligence


The whole system has several features aimed at helping you make the best business decisions. Our system let you pull graphs and reports to analyze your existing service experiences. With the integrated management of information, you have the power to know about operations in various establishments and different locations. It allows you to centralize the information on the services of several units / agencies, monitoring in real time.

Alerts System


Feature that sends instant notifications to managers about critical events such as long waiting, too many people in queue, exceeded number of allowed calls per day, among others.

Intelligent System


Light and agile software developed in Web 2.0, does not need installation. Works on any platform via web browser.

High Durability


Developed with the best materials and strict quality control. The Printer Terminal is built with steel plates, finished by baths and soaks with anti-rust protection treatment, and is resistant to ultraviolet rays. Contains epoxy electrostatic powder coating, polymerized in oven, in gray color. In addition, for greater convenience, it features a door on the thermal printer for paper replacement. The LCD monitors have high resolution graphics, are immune to electromagnetic interference and have various quality certifications.

What solution can we create for you?

Contact us to add more efficiency and quality to your services with Maestro.

Success cases

The various options provided enable our cooperative to operate in a personalized way, with a service closer to our associated. The system is flexible, so we can adapt it according to the needs and demands of our units.” Mr. Douglas Sterz, IT Advisor of Sicredi

The implementation of MAESTRO WEB brought numerous features to the Federal Police of Santa Cruz do Sul, mainly the automation of preliminary services, which previously was made by distributing tokens. We opted for IMPLY®, because the project’s uniqueness demanded the choice of a recognized company in the market.” Mr. Kristian Felipe da Rosa, Federal Police Manager at NUMIG / SCS / RS

“We have been using Maestro since 2008. The system is efficient, optimizes our management and streamlines services. We increased the number of daily calls by 200% and reduced the waiting time for our customers. This is because the system provides very useful management information. We know, for example, the average volume of services on different days and times, which allows us to scale the number of attendants as needed.” Mr. Henrique Trentin, Substitute Notary of the Trentin Registry Office


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