See 7 advantages of having a Bowling Alley at your Home or Condominium

See 7 advantages of having a Bowling Alley at your Home or Condominium

World trend, Bowling is a fun and attractive game for all ages. At first very popular in family entertainment centers, this attraction has been conquering not only hotels and resorts, parks, attractions, restaurants, bars and pub’s, but also high-end properties. Whether for leisure areas in luxury condominiums, as for mansions, farms or private residences, the demand for Residential Bowling Alleys is a worldwide trend. Namely, several television celebrities, digital influencers, famous soccer players and successful entrepreneurs have added the Bowling Alleys to their homes.

Having a Bowling Alley in your home or condo offers several benefits. Discover 7 advantages of having a Bowling Alley in your House or Condominium:

✓ Guaranteed fun with family and friends

Everyone loves to play Bowling! Bowling is a leisure for all ages, which brings generations together: From young people to the elderly, everyone can have fun! Certainly, gathering friends and family on a Bowling Alley in your home or condo is a guarantee of fun for all ages. Bowling is modern, motivating and dynamic. Thus, players of different profiles and age groups have fun with the game. In addition, everyone can have fun with Bowling 365 days a year, whether it’s rainy or sunny, hot or cold. Bowling Alleys are fabulous for enjoying incredible moments with family and friends!

✓ Ideal for happy hours, birthdays and parties

Bowling creates a contagious environment, draws attention and takes your leisure area to a new level of fun and entertainment. Thus, Bowling will be the ideal space for birthdays, happy hours, parties and gatherings.

✓ Valuation of assets

Properties that have leisure areas are highly valued in the market. That is why, more and more, owners of high-end properties are looking for entertainment items to enhance their ventures. Whether luxury properties to live, sell or rent, Bowling Alleys are a great differential. Thus, having a Bowling Alley in your home or condominium, adds value to the property, in addition to making the leisure area more modern, luxurious and elegant. In addition to ensuring fun for families, valuation will be higher if your enterprise has this differential!

✓ Bowling and health benefits

Bowling is a great physical exercise. Namely, the practice brings several health benefits. Having a Bowling Alley in your home or condominium and practicing the activity helps in burning calories and promotes weight loss. An hour-long bowling game can burn around 200 calories.

As well, Bowling favors the improvement of motor skills, motor and visomotor coordination, laterality and balance. In addition, played frequently, it also acts in toning the arms and legs. Bowling is a physical activity that works with various muscle groups, tendons, joints and ligaments. In addition to the physical benefits, Bowling promotes fun, well-being, joy, friendship, team spirit, relaxation, and the reduction of stress and anxiety.

✓ Bowling is an educational game

Easy to learn, it is a highly social activity, enjoyed by people of all physical abilities and skill levels. Having a Bowling Alley in your home or condominium helps to challenge your limits. In addition, it encourages children, teenagers and adults to learn the rules of the sport and the game’s score. And yet, Bowling can be a great ally as an educational tool. The players’ system can be operated in Spanish, for example, to practice other languages. In addition, students can, for example, calculate the speed of the ball as a function of the length of the lane and the time between the ball release until it hits the pins.

✓ The highest technologies for Bowling Alleys

Bowling brings the best of entertainment to your home or condo. Certainly, Bowling Alleys are high-tech family entertainment attractions. Imply® has the best and most modern Bowling Equipment on the market, putting the most modern technological innovations at your disposal.

Bowling Alleys developed by Imply® have incredible lighting systems with synchronized RGB LED’s. The incredible colorful visual effects are animated and interactive, dazzling players and creating the “WOW” effect. The effects generate a sensational result of lighting in any environment. In addition, the lanes shine under the black light with incredible Bright Bowling lighting effects. In addition to the modern design, with great visual appeal, the lanes have stunning 55″ HD LCD screens, among other differentials.

✓ Custom bowling lanes tailored to your space

No matter the size of your space, Imply® has a Bowling solution for you! With the support of Imply® Team, you have full assistance to develop a personalized project especially for you. Our experts offer support at all stages of the design and construction of your Bowling Alleys! Count on the experience of qualified professionals, to meet all your needs from the planning and detailing of the project, installation and after-sales assistance. Our experts are always ready to design and build the perfect Bowling Alley for your space!

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