Arena MRV will be pioneer in Brazil with Imply® Access Control by Facial Recognition

Arena MRV will be pioneer in Brazil with Imply® Access Control by Facial Recognition

Arena MRV in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, prepares great experiences for fans. With the purpose of offering the most technological arena in Latin America, Arena MRV will have several differentials to deliver modernity, entertainment and enchantment. With capacity for 46 thousand people, the grand opening is expected to take place in March 2023.

Leader in providing technologies for soccer clubs, stadiums and arenas in Latin America, Imply® is pleased to announce that it was chosen to implement Access Control at Arena MRV. Fans will certainly enjoy an innovative arena, capable of providing unforgettable experiences.

EImply® Access Control solutions offer cutting-edge technologies to promote continuous innovation at Arena MRV through a powerful platform for integrated management of all access points.

Arena MRV will be a pioneer in Brazil, featuring the most modern Imply® access validation technologies, with innovative Facial Recognition, in addition to Biometrics, NFC, Bluetooth, RFID, 1D and 2D Bar Codes (QR Code). With Facial Recognition access validation integrated into the Imply® Ticketing System, fans will be able to authenticate their faces and access the most modern Arena in Latin America in a touchless way, without carrying a physical ticket. In this way, the face will be the ticket, ensuring faster and more practical access.

“We always think about the comfort and convenience of fans, which is why Arena MRV has the ambition to be the most modern in Latin America. Closing a partnership with Imply is the certainty that we are offering the most modern access control market for Atletico fans”, highlights Leandro Evangelista, CIO of Atlético and Arena MRV.

Imply® Access Control is intelligent and efficient, ideal for places with a high flow of accesses per minute, with high speed of information transmission. In other words: when authorized, access is immediate, ensuring agility and ease for the public. In addition, the Imply® system has anti-fraud technologies, managing access in accordance with the strictest security requirements.

Likewise, managers will be provided with accurate and 100% centralized information to protect and monitor Access Control operations with precision and security. Imply® Platform offers Data Analytics with Dashboards, Reports, Graphs and Real-time Monitoring. The information allows to generate insights to leverage the success of operations and elevate the audience experience. In addition, the management of Arena MRV will have support and monitoring services from the Imply® Team to ensure the excellence of operations, with trained and qualified professionals to ensure quality and safety at events.

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Imply® is a leading provider of technologies for ticket management, membership and access control for the most innovative football clubs, arenas and stadiums in Latin America. In addition, we have extensive experience in providing customized technologies and consultancy for events, attractions and organizations. Interested and want to know more about our solutions? Learn more:

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