Athletico-PR launches facial recognition system for access to the Ligga Arena

Athletico-PR launches facial recognition system for access to the Ligga Arena

In the innovative scenario of Brazilian football, Athletico is taking an important step towards modernization and security at the Ligga Arena. The club from Paraná inaugurated Imply® Facial Recognition Access Control System. The new technology began to be used in the game against Vasco da Gama, this Saturday (25), in the visiting sector, and soon, access to the Ligga Arena with facial recognition will be expanded to other sectors of the stadium.

“Facial recognition marks a new moment in fans’ access to the Ligga Arena. The technology allows the public registration process to be carried out remotely, without the need to attend the box office. Furthermore, it guarantees even greater agility at the access gates of the stadium”, reported Athletico.

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The partnership between Athlético Paranaense and Imply® began in 2014, with complete solutions for ticket sales, membership management and access control. In 2017, the club implemented a pioneering system in the country with 100% of access controlled by digital biometrics at its stadium, using Imply® technology. Now, once again with the expertise of Imply®, the implementation of facial recognition is being implemented in a phased manner.

The promise of the new system is to transform the experience when members and fans enter the Ligga Arena. Facial registration can be carried out remotely, providing convenience to fans, without the need to travel to the stadium.

The biggest difference in the project’s success is the interconnection of access control with validation via the Government of Paraná database, which allows instant monitoring of all fans present. The initiative has already proven effective in identifying fans whose access to the stadium is restricted, significantly reducing violence at sporting events.

The recent sanction of the general sports law, in June 2023, established specific requirements for sporting events, especially in stadiums with a capacity for more than 20,000 people. This legislative advance establishes a two-year deadline for the implementation of facial recognition control in larger capacity stadiums.

The Club, by embracing this innovation, not only raises the security standard at its events, but also enters the technological vanguard, standing out for the implementation of advanced solutions, through Imply® technologies in the Ligga Arena. Find out more about our solutions:

reconhecimento facial

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