Athletico studies implementing facial recognition in the Ligga Arena

Athletico studies implementing facial recognition in the Ligga Arena

Another Brazilian club should adopt facial recognition in its stadium: Athletico Paranaense. Conversations are at an advanced stage with Imply, leader in providing technologies for soccer clubs, stadiums and arenas in Brazil.

The partnership between Imply and Athletico started in 2014, as described by Elmar Trovão, Director of Technology and Innovation at Club Athletico Paranaense: “Athletico Paranaense has a longstanding partnership with ElevenTickets Imply. The ticketing and access control system is robust, and gives us security, information and agility. And in events with more than forty thousand people, we need agility. Another differential is our proximity to the technical and development team, so that we work together to create solutions.”

In 2017, Athletico was a pioneer in the country by adopting biometrics in 100% of the stadium, also in partnership with Imply. “Today at Ligga Arena we have digital biometrics throughout the stadium. We pioneered this technology in Brazil, and now the time has come to evolve. This natural evolution is facial biometrics”, explains Elmar Trovão.

Now, advanced facial recognition identification technology should modernize security and experiences at Ligga Arena, analyzes Elmar Trovão: “Club Athletico Paranaense is recognized as an innovative and bold club. We have a Technological Arena, the only one with a retractable roof in Latin America, which provides comfort for the public, regardless of weather conditions. In addition, we have a CCTV system with artificial intelligence, which will be integrated with the new facial technology access control system that we are going to implement together with Imply. We have all this technology on board to provide the greatest comfort for fans visiting the Ligga Arena.”

The new service will feature innovative technologies of the facial recognition system, in order to facilitate the entry of members and fans. The validation of public access will have facial recognition, biometrics, NFC, bluetooth, RFID and 1D and 2D barcode (QR Code) features.

In addition to security and agility, facial recognition should make it easier for fans. “With the current biometrics, the fan needs to go to the Ligga Arena to register the fingerprint. In partnership with Imply, we have thought of all the ways for the registration of the face to be done remotely and safely, providing greater comfort to the fan”, he clarifies.

The novelty should be implemented in the coming months, in a phased manner. “Let’s start with the visiting fans, moving on to the organized fans sector. Afterwards, we will extend it to the entire stadium”, adds Elmar Trovão.