Imply® present at of the biggest Oktoberfests in the world in 2021

Imply® present at of the biggest Oktoberfests in the world in 2021

With a new format and following health protocols, the 36th edition of the Santa Cruz do Sul Oktoberfest, in Brazil, one of the biggest German festival of 2021, came to an end this Sunday, the 17th. In addition to celebrating German culture, it also counted with Eleven360 Imply® platform technology. Since 2010, Oktoberfest has been powered with Imply® integrated access control and ticket sales solutions.

The big challenge this year was to prepare an event that would guarantee everyone’s safety. Thus, the use of a mask to enter the Park was mandatory, as well as the use of alcohol gel and temperature measurement. For this, the Thermofocus Imply® was used, an intelligent thermometer with infrared technology for non-contact measurement.

For more than a decade, the party has relied on Eleven360 Imply® platform technologies. The platform offers several intelligent tools to optimize the management and operation of a large event. The solution integrates the access control system and ticket sales platform for the Oktoberfest Park.

According to Fábio Borba, president of ASSEMP, host of the party: “Imply® offers all the necessary solutions in terms of access control and ticketing. This was fundamental for the partnership to be signed for the 36th Oktoberfest. In an atypical year like this, where until the beginning of the event sales took place only over the internet, Imply® technology was essential”.

Oktoberfest Santa Cruz do Sul is considered the biggest German party in Rio Grande do Sul, and the third biggest in the world. This year, with the cancellation of the Blumenau and Munich parties, it became one of the biggest Oktoberfests in the world. According to official data, 36,589 people attended the event during the 9 days.After a year, 36th Oktoberfest takes place in 2021 with Imply® Technologies

Imply® Thermometer Line

The Imply® range of Thermometers is ideal for optimizing measurement in places with a high flow of people, or with strategic operation. Through the temperature sensors present in the equipment, it is possible to instantly detect the surface temperature of the human body with high accuracy. These security measures are essential to provide more security to all people, allowing for quick verification before granting access.

Eleven360 Imply® Technologies for Large Events:

The Imply® Group develops technological solutions and offers specialized consultancy to optimize the management and experience of the public, in addition to having extensive experience in large-scale events and premium attractions. The Eleven360 Imply® platform offers several integrated tools, such as ticket sales channels, access control, cashless payments, loyalty programs and real-time reporting. To learn more about our solutions, visit: