Bombinhas preserves the environment with Imply® Self-Service Kiosk Technology

Bombinhas preserves the environment with Imply® Self-Service Kiosk Technology

Santa Catarina, Brazil, is known for being a privileged place, with beautiful beaches, extraordinary places and natural beauties. To better preserve the environment, the city of Bombinhas decided to rely on the technology of the Imply® Self-Service Kiosks.

With the high number of tourists in summer, the municipality of Bombinhas establishes payment for the Environmental Preservation Tax (TPA). Thus, the amount collected is applied to environmental infrastructure, environmental education, conservation and preservation of the environment with its natural ecosystems, public cleaning and sanitation actions.

Thus, Bombinhas decided to innovate with an intelligent solution, which guarantees agility and practicality. To pay TPA, Imply® Self-Service Kiosks were installed. That is, the payment of the fee is made easier, as it allows it to be made at strategic points in the city by credit card. Imply® Self-Service Kiosks are intuitive, reduce queues and guarantee efficiency and security for the payment of the TPA fee.

Benefits of Imply® Self-Service Kiosk

Imply® Self-Service Kioks are powerful solutions for smart cities and digital transformation. Firstly, they strengthen and expand the relationship with the citizen, bringing comfort to the services. In addition, they are responsible for several benefits, such as:
✓ Self-Service Kiosks optimize and streamline processes. Likewise, they reduce operating costs and reduce service time;
✓ Services are carried out in an easy, practical and intuitive way, ensuring agility and efficiency;
✓ More convenience to the public: They reduce distances to services and facilitate the users’ daily lives by expanding the availability of services in more places and times.

Imply® Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Imply® Group develops customized and scalable solutions to innovate management, optimize performance and automate processes. To learn more about our self-service solutions, access:

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