Discover how Bowling Alleys at Flipa Jump increase the fun

Discover how Bowling Alleys at Flipa Jump increase the fun

Imply® Bowling Alleys at Flipa Jump has high technology and excellence to ensure customers’ fun

What was already fun, got even better, with Bowling at Flipa Jump. The entertainment center Flipa Jump in Ponferrada, Spain, has fantastic activities. Among its amusements, 4 Imply® Green Bowling Alleys, stand out. Thus, Bowling at Flipa Jump expands the service options offered and above all provides more fun.

Flipa Jump is recognized for being a complex with several trampolines, which has become a trend worldwide, as well as bowling. The space also hosts birthday parties and other events. The Bowling Alleys at Flipa Jump are a proven attraction for all ages, thus bringing families and friends together for fun.

Imply® Green Bowling Alleys at Flipa Jump offer customers the most modern technologies applied to entertainment. They have a synchronized LED lighting system at the player’s terminal, along the lanes and at the pins. As well, the Bowling Alleys have exclusive paintings with neon pigments that shine under the black lights. These feats cause a real show of colors, enchanting players with the “WOW” effect.

Expanding your business like Bowling at Flipa Jump

Imply® Green Bowling lanes are a great option for businesses who want to improve services. This game, in addition to being fun and engaging, is attractive for all ages. Thus, in addition to bringing more people together, it brings unparalleled sophistication to your business.

Through Bowling, it’s possible to expand the range of services offered, as well as done with Bowling at Flipa Jump. Developments such as bars, restaurants, entertainment centers and condominiums can generate an unique experience for customers with Imply® Bowling Alleys. In this way, they stand out for their competitive differential, attracting new customers and retaining those who already know the place.

Imply Group is recognized worldwide by offering several personalized technological services for each client. In addition, it has a complete line of the most modern and attractive Bowlings.

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