Bowling Cafe Opens in Spain

Bowling Cafe Opens in Spain

We present the inauguration of two new centers in the Spain. They offer a different option to the public, with Bar/Coffee, Billiards, big screens, and Hamburguers, next to the spectacular lanes of Bowling Cafe Imply®.

These new entertainment centers, located in buildings with limited measures, in comparison with the traditionals, are a pleasant and different option to enjoy great moments, offering versatility and informality.

The Bowling Cafe presents an innovative concept. One of its main differences regarding the official Bowling, beyond the dimensions, is the attractive furniture specially created to accommodate public of all ages. The seats, with high tables, facilitate the consumption of snacks and beverages in the game areas, attracting new clients and increasing the sales. They are covered with fenolyc laminated decorated with active colors in the Bright Bowling system, that gives to their center a party look, with any color scheme used.

Players area: 1,41m
Approach: 3,08 m
Lane: 11,28 m
Fall: 1,73 m
Total length: 17,50 m


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