Cacau Show Park now has incredible Imply® Bowling Lanes

Cacau Show Park had its grand opening last month in Sao Paulo. Among the many attractions the site offers visitors, there are two brand new Green Bowling® Bowling Alleys from the Imply® Group.

Green Bowling® is the perfect attraction for the parks and FECs. In addition to being designed for the space available, the lanes ensure the fun of people of all ages. Because it is easy to learn, bowling is a highly social activity, enjoyed by people of all physical abilities and skill levels. It is a leisure for the whole family, which brings generations closer! Whether young or old, everyone can enjoy bowling.

The Cacau Show Park is integrated into the company’s Mega Store, which is located in Itapevi, in Greater Sao Paulo, Brazil. In addition to bowling, the place has a carousel and a train. All of this alongside slides and tables to draw, with the participation of a tree and a talking bear. The space can also be rented for private parties of up to 30 people, including inflatable toys, and food.



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