CDL Porto Alegre opens new headquarters with ElevenAccess Imply®

CDL Porto Alegre opens new headquarters with ElevenAccess Imply®

The Chamber of Shopkeepers of Porto Alegre, Brazil (CDL) recently inaugurated its new headquarters, in the Historic Center of the state capital. Seeking to innovate and ensure the safety of employees, service providers and associates, CDL invested in Imply® ElevenAccess technology.

The new headquarters has an environment that lives up to the entity’s 61-year history. The ElevenAccess solution was installed to control access to facilities with the most stringent security requirements. Four turnstiles were installed in strategic places within the 4,000 m² area of ​​the organization’s building. In this sense, people’s access is controlled through these turnstiles that have smart readers to perform validation.

With about 160 employees, the investment in Access Control allows for agility, convenience and efficiency for everyone. Through Imply® Access Control, it is possible to monitor the entrance and exit on the three floors of the entity’s building. Furthermore, Access Control is an essential solution in terms of security in corporate and residential environments.

What an environment gains with Imply® ElevenAccess

✓ High flow of accesses per minute and high speed of information transmission. That is, access when authorized is immediate;
✓ Protects your operations, blocking access from unauthorized or unidentified people;
✓ Reliably controls access to various areas, sectors and buildings in different locations, centrally. It’s also flexible for all environments and situations;
✓ Controls access authorizations for thousands of different users, managing complex systems of restrictions and permissions rules to meet your needs;
✓ Combines different technologies for user identification, restricting access according to the strictest security requirements;
✓ Efficiency: High precision and reliability in intelligent access control. The system also has memory for offline operation, continuing to function the same when network connectivity is lost.

About CDL Porto Alegre:

The Porto Alegre Chamber of Shopkeepers is a representative entity that works in favor of retail. Having turned 61, he leads the Network of Partner Entities and is composed by 150 entities. In addition, it offers services to more than 30 thousand companies in the state.

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