Check out two new Residential Bowlings in São Paulo

Check out two new Residential Bowlings in São Paulo

Technology is increasingly present in home automation, and it also plays a crucial role in creating versatile leisure spaces. A growing trend is the incorporation of Bowling Alleys into residential leisure areas, an innovative entertainment attraction for all ages. Check out two new Residential Bowling Centers recently installed in São Paulo:

Bowling in Condominium

The Residential Bowling Alleys designed by Imply® for this residence in a condominium in São Paulo stand out for their innovation and cutting-edge technology. With customized measurements, they adapt perfectly to the project, guaranteeing a unique fun experience. The versatility of bowling alleys in residential environments is unparalleled. Whether celebrating birthdays, family events or simply enjoying relaxed moments, Bowling at home adapts to different occasions, promoting interaction between generations and strengthening family ties.


pista tecnológica

Bowling on a Farm

Imply® Bowling Alleys can be customized to adapt to the design of each environment and each residence. Thus, the Bowling Alleys can be harmoniously integrated into the environment. This personalized approach allows each space to have a unique alley, complementing the style and aesthetic of the location. The leisure area of this farm is marked by a rustic style that integrates perfectly with the design of the Imply® Bowling Alley. The tone of the alley’s wood harmonizes effectively with the wooden elements present in the architecture, giving the environment a warm and welcoming atmosphere, reinforcing the synergy between classic wood and technological innovation.

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