Claudino Francio Foundation implements Imply® Access Control

Claudino Francio Foundation implements Imply® Access Control

In the continuous search for innovation, Claudino Francio Educational Foundation in Sorriso, Brazil, recognized the importance of implementing an integrated system in security management, using Imply® Eleven Access technology for People Access Control.

The Foundation is a regional reference with more than 1,500 students distributed among children, elementary, secondary and higher education. Now, the 10,000 square meter structure has access turnstiles with validation by biometrics and RFID smartcard, with real-time monitoring of student, employee and visitor entrances and exits in an intelligent, safe and fast way.

“This project with Imply® added significantly to our new security plan and modernization of our infrastructure”, comments Emerson Rosa, Director of the institution.

As a result, the Imply® Eleven Access Platform offers high accuracy and reliability for People Access Control. The solution allows managing access authorizations with restrictions and permissions, blocking unauthorized or unidentified users, and presenting personalized greetings with each user’s name.

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