Eixo SP Highway Concessionaire modernizes with Imply VMS

Eixo SP Highway Concessionaire modernizes with Imply VMS

Eixo SP Highway Concessionaire, responsible for the largest road concession in Brazil, chooses Imply® technologies. The Highway Concessionaire manages more than 1,200 kilometers, connecting 12 highways and 62 municipalities, from the center to the extreme west of the State of São Paulo.

To expand communication with the traveler, Eixo SP counts with dozens of Imply® FullColor Fixed Variable Message Signs, operating 24 hours a day on 14 routes. The purpose of the equipment is to provide the driver with updated information in real time about the route, as well as transmit educational messages of traffic awareness, support for social and health actions.

Now, Eixo SP increased the number of VMS’s . With the technology of Imply® VMS, the transit system reaches a new level of performance, providing accurate and real-time information to ensure safety and efficiency. In addition, the Panels help to prevent accidents and encourage responsible behavior on the part of drivers in traffic.

Highlights about Imply® VMS’s

Imply® Panels are made with top quality materials and submitted to a rigorous quality verification process. We adopt advanced technologies to ensure excellent performance and long service life. In addition, we can highlight:

  • Imply® FullColor VMS’s  are equipped with the latest technology in digital LED displays. With FullColor technology, the RGB LEDs can display text messages and fullmatrix graphics across the entire panel surface. In addition, they can display colorful images, videos and animations clearly and vibrantly;
  • Information is clearly visible even from great distances. This means messages are still readable even in bright light conditions such as the sun. In addition, the system has light sensors that automatically regulate brightness, avoiding glare and saving energy;
  • Support NTCIP communication protocols;
  • Ease of updating data in real-time via the network, with 100% online management.

The complete solution for your project is here, including gantry cranes, support structures, technical and operational capabilities, and much more.
Learn more at: https://imply.com/engb/panels/

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