See how Globant innovated its corporate environment with Imply® Bowling

See how Globant innovated its corporate environment with Imply® Bowling

Innovative companies understand that the corporate environment has a strategic role. Therefore, these companies seek to make the corporate environment more comfortable for its teams, offering leisure and entertainment spaces.

Discover an innovative corporate environment: Globant’s new office in Uruguay is a bold and contemporary space located in the World Trade Center in Montevideo. In addition, the space with more than 2,700 m² allows employees to play bowling.

The inauguration was attended by the president of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou, who approved the two Imply® Bowling Alleys. Thus, Globant’s corporate environment follows the trend of leading brands that understand the strategic role of creative leisure to ensure high performance.

Martín Migoya, CEO and co-founder of Globant, said, “This new state-of-the-art workspace redefines the concepts of traditional offices and will allow us to continue with a sustained expansion plan for the coming years. The corporate offices of WTC Montevideo are the first with the new New Normal concept after COVID-19, a type of work designed for the new circumstances and work methodologies. The office is a center for work groups, a meeting place for employees and clients and for professional and social interaction. With an avant-garde design, it offers new and different Coworking formats, Lounge Environments, furniture with height adjustments, and a multitude of meeting rooms”.

Discover the benefits of having a corporate environment with Imply® Bowling:
✓ Promotes employee satisfaction and keeps them motivated;
✓ Inspire greater interaction, collaboration and innovation among the team;
✓ Improves the relationship, integration, communication and well-being between teams, encouraging new solutions;
✓ Decompression and “creative idleness”: often, temporarily disconnecting from a project can spark creativity;
✓ Engagement and improved productivity in operations;
✓ It promotes a better quality of life for the team, and people can be much happier;
✓ Makes the workspace an inviting, comfortable place, reflecting the company’s identity and values;
✓ Increased attraction and retention of talents;
Ultimately, all of these benefits result in the organization’s continual progress.

So, how about innovating your corporate environment? Now that you’ve seen the advantages Globant enjoys by innovating its corporate environment with Imply® Bowling Alleys, we can also help you make your company an even more innovative place. We are your partners to develop a project especially for you. Learn more:


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Vytvorit osobn'y úcet
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