Ecofriendly Technologies for a Better World

Ecofriendly Technologies for a Better World

Imply® is featured as a case of sustainability in today’s edition of the Gazeta do Sul Newsapaper. The new Imply® Technology Park is one of the most promising and innovative industrial parks designed with ecofriendly technologies in the region of Santa Cruz do Sul. “We kept a large area of native forest, and we’ll use the rain water and solar energy,” said Imply® CEO, Tironi Paz Ortiz. In fact, today few companies in Brazil feature the advanced natural technologies used in Imply®’s modern headquarters, located on Imply Technology Route, at RST 287, near the roundabout access to the city of Santa Cruz do Sul.

Imply® Technology Park is located in a complex with total area of over 1,900 thousand square feet (or 180 thousand sq. meters). The first phase of the project is already completed, and includes a construction area of over 95 thousand square feet (8,8 thousand sq. meters). Among the ecofriendly technologies featured at the new and modern headquarters, include:

Large area of preserved native forest.

One Degree Less Campaign : White roof reflects up to 90% of sunlight, reducing the building temperature and reducing CO2 emisions by reducing energy consumption for refrigerating environments. ( More info at: )

Intelligent system for natural ventilation with openings on the bottom side of the building that let the fresh air in.

Great use of natural lighting with modern prismatic lenses that distribute the light evenly across the building.

Tanks of 200,000 liters for collection and storage of rainwater that is used in the bathrooms.

Recycling of waste (plastic, paper, metal, office supplies, etc)

Green technologies in our products (ecofriendly raw materials, reforested wood, low energy LED displays, and much more).

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