EcoNoroeste Paulista invests in VMS’s

EcoNoroeste Paulista invests in VMS’s

With the commitment to carry out a series of road improvements and modernization, EcoNoroeste Paulista invests in Imply® VMS’s to bring more safety to users.
Operating in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the highways are an important logistical corridor for the transport of agricultural products and fertilizers. Luciano Louzane, director-superintendent of the company explains that “We will invest around R$ 13.9 billion, of which R$ 10 billion for road infrastructure improvement works and R$ 3.9 billion for operational services”.

In this sense, EcoNoroeste Paulista invests in Imply® VMS’s. EcoNoroeste Paulista will use the Variable Message Signs mounted on trailers, allowing quick displacement to places where there is a need to optimize signaling. Consequently, with the use of VMS’s it generates more attention to the traffic.
Above all, the equipment presents dynamic messages that allow informing about traffic and transmission of educational messages.

Use Imply® VMS’s  and effectively inform about road conditions:

Traffic alert: Imply® VMS’s are used to alert drivers about traffic jams, accidents, works or any other situation that affects safety or traffic flow. Therefore, these messages can help drivers to make safer decisions and avoid risky situations.

Indicates alternative routes: in cases of blockages or interruptions on the highway, they provide information on alternative routes so that drivers can avoid the affected area and continue their journey safely.

Information about services: are used to provide information about services available on the highway, such as gas stations, rest points, restaurants, among others. This can certainly help drivers plan better during the trip and avoid situations of discomfort or insecurity.

Equipped with solar panels that allow longer use and lower operating costs. With the GPS system, it is possible to locate the equipment in real time and update the messages remotely.

Learn more about our solution:

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