EcoRodovias modernizes Brazilian Highways with Imply® VMSs

EcoRodovias modernizes Brazilian Highways with Imply® VMSs

Ecovias do Araguaia, part of one of the largest groups of highway concessions in Brazil, EcoRodovias, is responsible for managing and operating 851 kilometers of highways BR-153, BR-080 and BR-414, one of the main connections between the Mid-North and Center-South of the country.

To increase safety and improve services, the concessionaire invested in Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers as an intelligent and practical solution to keep the thousands of drivers who travel through the roads well informed.

Mounted on trailers, Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers can be moved quickly, optimizing signage in places that need more attention and informing about traffic conditions, accidents, works and maintenance, congestion, closing of roads and tunnels, alternative routes, weather, estimated travel time, weather changes, regulated speed, educational messages, warning or warning, etc.

In this way, VMSs allow the dissemination of programmable information in real time, with data and information updated remotely via the internet through exclusive technology developed by Imply®.

Imply® VMSs are produced in its own factory, as are all products and services of the brand, allowing greater flexibility, customization and guarantee for customers. Check out the video and see the step by step of the production of the VMSs:

Key benefits of Imply® VMSs

– Dynamic signaling;
– Greater visibility with full matrix technology;
– Greater practicality: just position and turn on the LED sign;
– GPS technology (optional);
-High brightness LEDs;
-High durability and long-lasting performance.

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