Eixo SP modernizes highways with Imply® FullColor Displays

Eixo SP modernizes highways with Imply® FullColor Displays

Eixo SP is responsible for the largest highway concession in Brazil. The concessionaire manages more than 1.2 thousand kilometers, connecting 12 highways and 62 municipalities. With the mission to serve with excellence, comfort and safety, Eixo SP is modernizing the highways with the technology of Imply® FullColor Displays.

Imply® Fixed Variable Message Signs are innovative technologies for smart lanes that assist drivers by presenting dynamic messages with up-to-date traffic information. In this sense, the VMS allows Eixo SP to disclose programmable information in real time to drivers. For example, information on traffic occurrences, accidents, road works and maintenance, traffic conditions, road conditions, congestion, closure of roads and tunnels, traffic direction, alternative route options, weather conditions, among others. As well as communicating estimated travel time, weather changes, regulated speed, educational messages, guidance messages, alerts or warnings, among many other situations.

Discover more benefits of having Imply® FullColor Displays

Fixed Variable Message Signs are an innovative technology that take the transit system to a new level, ensuring security and information in real time, with agility and efficiency. In addition, they promote the reduction of accidents and encourage healthy behavior by drivers in traffic.

✓ Imply® Panels are developed with the best materials and strict quality control. We use robust technologies for high performance performance and durability;

✓ FullColor Imply® VMS’s use the highest technology in 100% digital LED displays. With FullColor technology, RGB LEDs can display text messages or full matrix graphics across the entire area. Likewise, color images, videos and animations can also be displayed;

✓ Messages can be viewed at great distances. That is, the LED’s have protections that ensure a clear view of information even in direct contact with sunlight. In addition, they have an exclusive luminosity sensor for automatic brightness control that prevents glare and reduces energy consumption;

✓ Support for NTCIP communication protocols;

✓ Option to update data in real time via the internet, with 100% online management;

✓ We develop the complete solution for your needs, including Support Structures, Technical and Operational Training Services, and more.

Interested? To learn more about Imply® Panels, visit: https://imply.com/engb/panels-informative/


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