Imply® Technology is present at the Paradox Festival

Large events are only possible with great solutions to guarantee the public a unique experience. That’s why in the first edition of the Paradox Festival, Imply® will be present with Eleven360® platform technologies. The festival will take place on November 6th and 7th, in Mairiporã, São Paulo, Brazil.

The Eleven360 Imply® platform offers several intelligent tools to optimize the management of large events. The solution has an access control system, as well as a ticket and cashless sales platform. Tickets are now available through the internet through the portal:

Also, to avoid crowding, the entire event will be cashless with payments via wristbands. Cashless payment guarantees security, speed and agility in the purchase of products. Likewise, it avoids contacts as well as saves time and reduces operating costs.

The Paradox Festival will feature 20 electronic music artists. In order to join the event, guests must have taken at least the 1st dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The festival is following the sanitary protocols required by the City of Garulhos and the State of São Paulo.

Eleven360 Imply® solution for large events:

With Eleven360 Imply® technology at your side you have an integrated solution to sell tickets, integrate cashless payments, control access and manage loyalty programs. In addition, it is possible to monitor operations in real time, relying on the experience of our staff and consultancy. Interested and want to know more about our solutions? Learn more:


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