Eleven360 Imply® optimizes ticket sales for the 33rd edition of Grape Festival

Eleven360 Imply® optimizes ticket sales for the 33rd edition of Grape Festival

After being postponed in 2021, the 33rd edition of the Brazilian Grape Festival returns this year! Through the Eleven360 Imply® platform, which is one of the biggest festivities in Brazil, it has technologies to optimize management and provide extraordinary experiences to the public. The Grape Festival will take place from February 18 to March 6, at Mário Bernardino Ramos Park, in Caxias do Sul – RS, Brazil.

The Eleven360 Imply® platform offers several intelligent tools to optimize the management and operation of a long-awaited big event, such as the Festa da Uva. The solution integrates the ElevenAccess access control system, the ElevenTickets ticket sales platform, in addition to ElevenStaff services with trained and qualified professionals for in-person and remote assisted operation during the event. In this way, the management of the Festa supports several tasks for the success of operations. In addition, the Platform provides managers with accurate and 100% centralized information with Dashboards, Reports, Graphs & Monitoring in real time over the internet.

With multiple sales channels integrated, tickets for access to the Park and the Parades will be available at POSs at the box office of the park on the days of the event. As well, advance tickets are available at points of sale throughout the municipality, as well as through the portal https://festadauva.eleventickets.com

The festadauva.eleventickets.com portal offers the option of payment by credit card or PIX. The process is easy, fast and secure to purchase tickets and access the Park. After purchasing the tickets, simply present the smartphone and use the QR-Code received for the online purchase. In addition, the access control solution guarantees security, through an intelligent and efficient control, guaranteeing a high flow of accesses per minute in large events.

With several themed parades, shows and exhibitors, the National Grape Festival wants to make the 33rd edition unique and unmissable.

Eleven360 Imply® solution for large events:

Imply® Group develops technological solutions and offers specialized consulting to optimize the management and experience of the public, in addition to having extensive experience in large-scale events and premium attractions. The Eleven360 Imply® platform offers several integrated tools, such as ticket sales channels, access control, cashless payments, loyalty programs and real-time reports. Interested and want to know more about our solutions? Learn more: https://imply.com/engb/access-systems

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