Engie innovates smart cities with Imply® Road Displays

Engie innovates smart cities with Imply® Road Displays

The French company Engie is always in constant innovation, seeking the latest technology for the creation of projects aimed at intelligent cities. Recently, the organization has implemented Road Displays in the Electronic Road Panel – PER and TMS – Trailer Message Sign models in Niterói, Brazil. Panels are innovative technologies for intelligent routes, providing more safety, information and comfort to users.
The Road Displays installed in Niterói have the objective of communicating useful information to the drivers, such as the traffic conditions and the time of certain routes. The messages are viewed by the driver up to 300 meters away and the LEDs used in the equipment guarantee a clearer view of the information, even in direct contact with sunlight. The data is updated through the internet, which guarantees total control and convenience.


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