Family Fun: Galinha Pintadinha Bowling in Campinas

Family Fun: Galinha Pintadinha Bowling in Campinas

Entertainment comes to life in a whole new way at the Circuito da Galinha Pintadinha in Campinas, Brazil. An unique experience that combines classic fun with high technology with 4 Imply® Bowling Alleys fully customized with characters from Brazil’s most beloved chicken.

The 4 highly technological Bowling Lanes guarantee fun for adults and children in an environment enhanced by incredible colored LED lighting effects. Each play is a sensory experience, with sets of lights that interact with the ball, transforming each strike and spare into an exciting celebration.

Likewise, all the customization on the Alleys made the space truly special. Every detail was carefully designed to transport players to the magical world of Galinha Pintadinha: from the decorative side panels to the interactive terminals. It’s as if players are playing in a scene from the children’s favorite cartoon.

In addition to the unique atmosphere, the interactivity through our terminals makes it easier for the player to access the necessary settings to make the match memorable. This way you can activate the bumpers, enter each player’s name and select the game level in a practical and intuitive way.

The Galinha Pintadinha Circuit in Campinas, the fun is complete and reimagined, where the magic of Galinha Pintadinha meets the innovation of Imply® in the 4 incredible Bowling Alleys. This exclusive space at Shopping Iguatemi elevated the entertainment experience, bringing fun for all ages.

Bowling Customization With Imply® Technology

Imply® stands out in creating highly customizable bowling lanes, adapted to meet the specific needs of each location. From track shape to look, our team works closely with clients to ensure every detail reflects their identity and purpose. Additionally, the Lanes’ decor is designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing environment, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for players and spectators.

Therefore, if you want to innovate and guarantee the success of your venture, contact our team, we will help you find the best and most profitable solution for your business.

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