Famous youtuber Luccas Neto inaugurates Imply® Bowling Alley

Famous youtuber Luccas Neto inaugurates Imply® Bowling Alley

Luccas Neto, one of the largest digital entrepreneurs in Brazil, opened his luxurious 4-story mansion. To promote his fun with family and friends, he purchased his Bowling Alley from Imply® to place in the room.

Check out the Residential Bowling Alley model Green Bowling Imply®, customized especially for Luccas Neto’s impressive property.


Imply® Group in the global Bowling market

World trend, Bowling is a fun and attractive game for all ages. At first very popular in family entertainment centers, this attraction has been conquering not only hotels and resorts, parks, attractions, restaurants, bars and pubs, but also condominiums and private residences. Imply® Group is a worldwide reference in the development of personalized Bowling Alleys. According to the company’s President, Tironi Paz Ortiz, “Imply® Group exports Bowling Alleys to the whole world. For commercial operations, Bowling is an investment that offers above-average profitability and a quick return. In addition, we have a growing demand from businessmen and celebrities who want to create special environments, to enjoy sophisticated leisure experiences, in Residences, Farms and Condominiums. Certainly, Residential Bowling highly values ​​the real estate enterprise.”

With high technological development, Imply® Group applies the highest technologies for entertainment. According to Tironi, “Our mission is to constantly innovate, and always surprise our customers. We will soon have great news in our Bowling® line.” Our experts are always ready to design and build the perfect bowling alley for your space. Do you want to know more about our innovative Bowling line? Access: https://imply.com/engb/bowling-and-entertainment/