Festiqueijo hits record with Imply® Ticketing and Access Control

Festiqueijo hits record with Imply® Ticketing and Access Control

The 31st edition of Festiqueijo in Carlos Barbosa, Brazil, featured Imply® Ticketing and Access Control technologies to optimize management, facilitate operations and increase ticket sales for the event.
During the weekends in July, around 100 thousand people visited the Gastronomic Festival. Of this total, more than 32,000 people were registered, an audience record for the party. Imply®’s expertise in developing solutions for large events and attractions contributed to the impressive numbers of the 31st Festiqueijo.

The Ticket Sales System started one month before the opening of the event, facilitating the early adhesion of visitors with the online purchase of tickets in an easy, fast and secure way through the ElevenTickets® High Performance Platform.

Access Control provided agility in entries and exits, ensuring organization and security during the 15 days of the festival. Through Imply® Technology, Festiqueijo had an intelligent access control solution, ideal for a high flow of public with ultra-fast validation. Event management will be able to monitor the occupation of the event in real time.

Eleven360® the complete Platform for Events and Attractions

Both the Ticketing Sales System through and the Access Control are exclusive technologies of the Imply® Eleven360 Platform.

With extensive experience in the segment of large events and attractions, Imply® is a specialist in developing solutions optimizing the management and public experience.

Ticketing Sales System, Cashless and Access Control for People and Vehicles are some of the options to make your event or attraction a great success.

Get extraordinary results, visit: https://imply.com/engb/access-systems/

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