Flamengo Museum opens with Imply ElevenTickets technology

The new Flamengo Museum opened in style. Super modern and technological, it makes the visitor be transported into the history of Flamengo, presenting its great achievements, protagonists and idols of all times.
This old dream of Flamengo fans occupies an area of ​​1,200 m2 in the headquarters of Rio de Janeiro, and had an investment of R$18 million. Likewise, it foresees future expansion to 2,000 m2.

According to the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), the Flamengo Museum should generate more than R$ 300 million per year. MUDE Brasil, the company that developed the project, estimates that the newest cultural facility in Rio de Janeiro should attract an audience of 400,000 visitors per year.

Technology is a passport to history

Imply® ElevenTickets White Label Platform is the passport to access the history of the team with the biggest fan base in Brazil. When purchasing tickets, omnichannel technology will be present, with several integrated channels: An intuitive portal on the official website, museumflamengo.com, which generates tickets quickly and securely. Likewise, on site, tickets will be available at the Box Office and also through the Self-Service Kiosks.

Ticket validation is carried out with boldly designed equipment with several integrated technologies, such as Bar Codes, QR Codes, Smartcard RFID and NFC. That’s why we guarantee safe and efficient access.

The Flamengo Museum is an interactive show. In addition to the artificial intelligence resources that will make visitors’ experiences even more incredible, Imply® ElevenTickets Platform will make it possible to immortalize the moment of the visit by printing a personalized card with the visitor’s name. This way we guarantee the personalized souvenir that many fans and visitors are looking for.

“We are proud to be the official ticket holder of Flamengo since 2017, and now we are even happier to evolve the experience with the exclusive sale of tickets to the Flamengo Museum. It is an attraction carefully planned in every detail, where we offer the highest technology , including integrated into the Club’s Membership System. The Platform was customized to meet all the personalized needs of the operation, allowing, for example, to offer exclusive benefits for each type of member. All with the aim of providing the best experiences to visitors to this great attraction , very easily and safely.” Tironi Paz Ortiz, CEO of Imply®

Successful partnership

The partnership between Flamengo and Imply® already has history. Since 2017, Clube de Regatas do Flamengo has been using Imply® ElevenTickets Platform to manage its ticket sales channels in an integrated and intelligent way, on the web and at box office. In addition, it has integration with Fan Members and management of sales waves, integration with Maracanã Access Control and Staff Support Teams.
The partnership guarantees the club robust and high-performance infrastructure, with stability and security to serve large volumes of public. In the 2022 Copa do Brasil Finals, there were exactly 120 seconds between the opening of sales and soldout. A feat that only the high performance of Imply® ElevenTickets technology is able to guarantee.
Now with its doors open, the Flamengo Museum awaits soccer lovers for an immersion in the emblematic history of the team. Thus, the visit promises to provoke strong emotions along 14 thematic and highly technological areas that cover football, rowing, basketball and other sports. And to end the tour, a space dedicated to the biggest fanbase in Brazil. Learn more at museumflamengo.com

Custom technologies for amazing attractions

The functionalities of Imply® ElevenTickets Technologies are planned and operationalized to meet the needs of each project. The main objective is to guarantee public satisfaction, with high quality technologies to provide the best experiences. Likewise, for managers, the proposal is to facilitate management and operational processes, with specialized advice and tools to maximize their performance. Managers have accurate and 100% centralized information on the entire operation, with Dashboards, Reports, Graphs & Monitoring in real time via the internet.

Imply® ElevenTickets is a leader in providing ticketing, membership and access management technologies for the most innovative football clubs, arenas and stadiums in Latin America. In addition, it has extensive experience in technologies to innovate large events and premium attractions. Imply® ElevenTickets Platform offers several integrated tools, such as ticket sales channels, access control, cashless, loyalty programs and real-time reports.

Learn more:  https://imply.com/engb/access-systems/

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