Franguinho na Panela is success with Imply® Bowling

Franguinho na Panela is success with Imply® Bowling

With the purpose of providing unique experiences, the Restaurant and Bowling Franguinho na Panela offers 3 Imply® Green Bowling Lanes in Formosa, Brazil. The venue specializes in the typical cuisine of the brazilian state of Goiás.

Certainly, we know that Bowling matches fun with family and friends. Thus, bringing together the Bowling differential and a pleasant atmosphere, Franguinho na Panela is a great option for happy hours.

Imply® Group develops Bowling Alleys with the latest in entertainment. Therefore, the Imply® Green Bowling lanes of Franguinho na Panela were planned exclusively for the space. In this sense, Imply®, plans, designs and installs Bowling Alleys customized to the needs of each client. Are you interested? Click here to learn more:



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