From residences to resorts: bowling lanes are leisure and entertainment option

In recent years, we can observe the growth of the entertainment areas in hotels, resorts, condos and residences. With attractions for leisure and entertainment, not only the hospitality industry, as well as luxury residences.
Bowling is a leisure and entertainment option able to contemplate the varying tastes of the whole family and people of all ages. Imply Technology, a company that develops, produces and markets products in the entertainment area, offers its customers excellent choices, like their modern Official Bowling Lanes, the reduced sized Bowling Café lanes and  its compact product Mini Bowling.
By investing in this segment, hotel complexes, resorts and condominiums can create modern and sophisticated environments within their venues. “The bowling is an attraction that certainly enhances any enterprise, offering guests and residents a fun experience with the highest technologies in entertainment”, says Tironi Paz Ortiz, Imply’s CEO.
A good example of investment in the area with good results is the Taua Resort Caete, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. According to the Marketing Manager, Pedro Vieira, the bowling alley of Taua Resort Caete is one of the main attractions of the hotel. “We always seek to innovate in our leisure attractions and the bowling has always been a desire of Taua Network and our public. Our guests are surprised with the structure and comfort of the place. In addition to all the fun we can provide, we have a great technical support”, he emphasizes.
In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Blue Tree Park Búzios, the first international standard resort in the region of Lagos in Rio, also invested in the installation of bowling lanes (photo). The resort aims to offer innovative entertainment options for its guests and visitors and, therefore, were installed three modern bowling lanes, serving the leisure of families and guests.
Another highlight is the Bowling Café installed on Hotel Luabay Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain. With compact lanes, official balls and official pins, this is a new concept that offers all the fun and technology of bowling, with lanes in reduced dimensions.
Bowling brings people together. Investors are even adding value to their residences, by adding modern bowling alleys. Homes with glamorous ballrooms and spaces designed solely for the entertainment of friends and family. There are plenty examples, as the home of the soccer player, Leandro Damiao, the farm of a large Brazilian businessman in the state of Sao Paulo, in Brazil; the Palace of the King of Saudi Arabia; a beach house located in Mussulo Island, the south coast of Luanda, capital of Angola; and a house in the city of Covington, the state of Louisiana, in the United States; the residences have glamorous ballrooms and spaces designed for entertainment and fun, with modern Imply® bowling lanes. “The bowling lanes are an attraction proven worldwide”, said Ortiz.
The condos are also investing , as the Condominium Anima in Sao Bernardo do Campo (SP), and Mansions Heron Marinho in Joao Pessoa (PB), Brazil, bowling for the leisure and physical activity to its residents. “We are always attentive to trends and projecting the future by investing in our essence, which is innovation. And our big incentive is the way our products make a difference in people’s lives”, added Tironi.

Resort Buzios Blue Tree Park

Private Farm Bowling

Residence – Mussulo Island – Angola

Luabay Tenerife Hotel – Spain

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