Gigante Beira Rio innovates with 100% Imply® Technology in Access Control

Gigante Beira Rio, located in Porto Alegre, Brazil, begins 2018 investing in modernization. The year begins with the inauguration of the innovative Imply® Access Control unifying the entire system in a single high performance platform for the entire stadium, including access to the Beira-Rio Premier Club (CRPC) areas. The launch of the technology took place in the first football match of the year at Gigante, on January 18th in the match between Sport Club Internacional and Veranópolis.

In all, there are 101 fixed turnstiles managed by Imply® technology, and 2 Hand Helds for mobile validation. The Beira Rio Stadium and BRIO have joined Imply® Solutions that offer up to 6 types of validation through modern QR code readers, innovative two-dimensional bar code readers, 1d Unidirectional and omnidirectional Bar Code Reader, NFC (technology for validation via smartphones), Smartcard RFID reader, and Biometrics.

The Imply® System will be prepared for up to 100% implementation of biometric registration. Through fingerprint registrations and biometric validation, it will be possible to guarantee greater safety at the Stadium, besides offering the most complete reports, and with the possibility of connecting the information of the fans with the databases of authorities. Beira Rio Stadium e BRIO also unified the sale of tickets with Imply® technology, modernizing and bringing more safety to the fans. It is possible to get a chair anywhere in the Stadium through the Super Tickets Portal in an easy and very safe way.

Since 2016, the access designed exclusively for organized fans have already been operating with Imply® technology for Biometric validation, with the aim of events occurring safer for all families and fans attending the Stadium. To access the games, the organized supporters validate their Smartcard and their fingerprint, in the Imply® validators. The process is fast, easy and ensures greater peace of mind for all fans, who go to Beira-Rio to experience unique moments of joy and emotion.


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