Imply® Bowling Alleys Installed in Condominium in Ecuador

Imply® Bowling Alleys Installed in Condominium in Ecuador

A beautiful condominium located in Quito, Ecuador, now has an incredible entertainment option. Three Imply® Bowling Alleys were installed in the residential condominium, ensuring fun and offering a unique experience for all ages.

With an unique lighting system, the Imply® Bowling Alleys make any environment extraordinary. The lanes glow in black light, with Bright Bowling lighting effects that let you spend hours playing. In addition, they are a great alternative for Entertainment Centers, Parks, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Resorts, as well as Condominiums and Residences.

Benefits of Imply® Bowling Alleys:

Having a Bowling Alley in your home or condo offers several benefits. Likewise, it is an alternative that guarantees great experiences combined with the highest technologies.
✓ Modern, sophisticated design, developed with the best materials and equipment;
✓ Great opportunity to enhance the experience and modernize entertainment areas;
✓ Synchronized LED lighting at Player Terminals, as well as along the lanes and on the pins;
✓ Imply® Bowling Alleys are an excellent entertainment option for different types of environments and, in addition, a guarantee of fun for all ages;
✓ Our products are guaranteed by the factory, are easy to operate and, likewise, comply with the highest international quality standards and norms.

Imply® Group is present in over 125 countries. We develop customized software and hardware solutions for your project. So, through our experienced consultancy, we add quality and are dedicated to maximizing your results. Now that you know some advantages of Imply® Bowling Alleys, we can help you develop a project specifically for your needs. To learn more, visit the link:


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