Green Bowling lanes conquers Mauritius

Green Bowling lanes conquers Mauritius

Mauritius is a tropical paradise located on the African continent that attracts tourists for its paradisiacal beaches and mixed culture. The country recently received a new entertainment option: the Wonderbowl entertainment center, with ten Green Bowling Imply® lanes.

The establishment, although recently opened, has already won the praise of the public. The difference of the Green Bowling line is that the alleys are designed for all ages. They are accessible for both children and adults. As such, it is a perfect entertainment for the whole family. In addition, they have a bright LED lighting system that makes the environment livelier and more enjoyable for visitors. The state of the art technology allows players to connect their smartphones to the game. Through the connection, they can access the options menu, view the game score and also order drinks or snacks from the menu.

The product is yet another creation of the Imply® Group, which is already present in more than 125 countries, and now also exports Brazilian technology to yet another international vacation destination.


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