Green Bowling® offers fun in Bolivia!

Green Bowling® offers fun in Bolivia!

Extreme Fun Kids is an incredible entertainment center located in La Paz, Bolivia. It features four Imply® Green Bowling® bowling alleys for total enjoyment of adults and children!

With this inauguration, Bolivia won, according to Extreme Fun, “the best indoor amusement park, with innovative and modern games for the whole family.”
This incredible fun option features the Imply® Green Bowling® Lanes, which provoke a “wow” effect on any player!

The bowling alleys offer an experience of interaction, entertainment and technology. This is because they have a lighting system with bright leds that transform the game into a party!

In addition, they allow players to connect their smartphones to the game.

Through this connection, they can access the menu of options, see the score of the game, as well as share on social networks and also order drinks or snacks from the menu.

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