Happy Time opens in Colombia with modern Imply® Bowling Alleys

Happy Time opens in Colombia with modern Imply® Bowling Alleys

Imply® Bowling Alleys are a differential for any enterprise, adding value and ensuring fun for everyone. Happy Time, located in the newly opened Parque Fabricato, Colombia, decided to innovate with 4 modern Imply® Bowling Alleys!

Recently opened, Parque Fabricato is a beautiful and wide shopping center that has several options for gastronomy, leisure and entertainment. Happy Time, located in this thriving commercial area of ​​Antioquia, has attractions for all ages, unique decor and lots of fun! To make this environment even more attractive to the public, 4 Imply® Bowling Alleys were installed with the most innovative technologies available for entertainment.

Entertainment and fun guaranteed with Imply® Bowling Alleys:

Imply® Bowling Alleys are a great alternative for Entertainment Centers, Parks, Restaurants, Bars, Pub’s, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Resorts and more. Fun and entertainment guaranteed for all ages, every detail of Imply® Bowling is designed to create great experiences. In this way, there are several benefits of having Imply® Bowling Alleys:
✓ The incredible show of lights and colors of the Imply® Bowling Alleys offers the “WOW” effect;
✓ Imply® Bowling Alleys are developed with a modern, sophisticated and bold design, in addition to having the best materials, equipment and technologies;
✓ Our products have a factory guarantee, are easy to operate and, in addition, comply with the highest international quality standards and norms;
✓ Through the Touch Screen Terminal it is possible to access all the track control functions, as well as ordering from the menu and connecting the smartphone to the game;
✓ Ideal for happy hours, Bowling is a guarantee of fun with family and friends and takes your business to a new level of entertainment.

Innovate with Imply® Bowling Alleys:

Imply® Group is present in more than 125 countries. We develop customized software and hardware solutions for your project. So, how about innovating with Imply® Bowling Alleys? We are ready to help you. To learn more about how to set up a bowling alley, contact us! Access the link: https://imply.com/engb/entertainment/how-to-start-bowling-business


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