How the Sicredi Bank improved its Customer Flow Management with Imply Maestro system

Today the quest for speed in everyday processes is constant. The rush of everyday life makes more and more technology become an ally in the allocation of convenience to people’s lives. In this sense, the Maestro Web Queue & Customer Flow Management System developed by Imply Technology has brought many benefits for service management and for those who seek daily to facilitate the daily demands.
The technology, which allows the optimization and management of services, reducing the time spent in queues, is already used in dozens of Sicredi Credit Cooperative units, and other customers as Clinical Hospital of the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) – where manages 208 points of service; Energy company CEB Distribution in the Federal District; University of Santa Cruz do Sul (Unisc), University of Caxias do Sul (UCS); municipalities, notaries and others.
According to the CEO of Imply, Tironi Paz Ortiz, the Maestro system, besides an intelligent solution to manage service calls with quality results for the business management, is also fast and efficient for the public attended. “It’s a reduction in the time and queues, which are the largest customer requirement today,” he says. Tironi also says Imply uses the latest technologies to improve performance and drive their customers business. “We do this by creating solutions that simplify processes. Thus, we seek to improve the experience of Sicredi customers” he says.
According to the IT Advisor of Sicredi Vale do Rio Pardo, Douglas Sterz, with the implementation of the new queue management system along with Supermedia the Sicredi will provide more convenience in the service for the associates. On the Supermedia Digital Signage, appears the password called, the type of service and the location for the service. It is possible to create your own TV channel for dissemination of messages, useful information, product and service announcements, promotions, news, TV channel, and more.
“The various options provided enable our cooperative to operate in a personalized way, with a service closer to our associated” he says. According to Sterz, during the year, the cooperative will implement the novelty in all units of the region. “The system is flexible, so we can adapt it according to the needs and demands of our units,” he concludes.
With a real-time monitoring, Maestro displays managers key information about the queues and the performance of services. The system also sends instant notifications to managers about critical events such as waiting times limit warnings, quantity of people waiting, amount of services a day, among others. The attendants can manage calls through a very intuitive software, which aims to streamline calls. It also appears useful information for each service, such as: password, category of service, waiting times, and also general information about the average waiting time and number of people in the queues. The technology also issues reports and graphics, which makes management more qualitative. There are also other product differentiators such as the possibility of registering customer data, registering and querying protocol numbers, schedule a service to a customer in a day and specific time, a chat to facilitate internal communication, among other too


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