How to choose the best ball weight suitable for you

Modern bowling balls have been created to perform perfectly, sliding on the special fenolyc synthetic coatings that cover the high quality Imply Bowling lanes, manufactured with precision, using a polyester or urethane shell surrounding a composite core. The heavier the core, the heavier the ball. Bowling balls range in weight from six to sixteen pounds.

The first consideration in selecting a ‘house ball’ for begginer bowlers is the weight. The bowling ball should not be too light as there will be a tendency for the ball to be lifted into the air upon release and not rolled down the lane. Generally women should use bowling balls ranging from 10 to 14 pounds and men bowling balls from 14 to the maximum of 16 pounds. Children should choose a ball heavy enough for them to be able to effectively put the ball into a swing without a strain. All Imply Bowling Balls have its weight engraved on the ball’s surface.

You may notice that the size of thumb and finger holes in the ‘house balls’ at a Imply bowling center can vary widely. Generally the larger holes are drilled in the heavier balls which men are expected to use and the smaller holes are in the lighter balls.

To fit a bowling ball properly begin by inserting your thumb into the hole and spreading your hand across the surface of the ball. Position your middle finger and index finger across the finger holes. The knuckles of these fingers should rest directly over the finger holes. Insert your fingers and, while holding the bowling ball with your free hand, extract your thumb while keeping your fingers in the ball. The thumb should come out freely but not so smoothly that you cannot give the ball a gentle squeeze with the thumb and fingers. Your palm should be in full contact with the surface of the bowling ball.