How to Create a Themed Entertainment Center

How to Create a Themed Entertainment Center

Themed Entertainment Centers have been gaining prominence as they make the experience of meeting with friends and family even more unique, fun and contagious. Check below our tips to create to create your themed center:

Find the central theme: To create an unforgettable and truly immersive experience, you need to plan and unite everything in a single theme, from the name of the place, the names of the items on the menu, decoration, music, furniture, uniforms, façade, among others, in order to transport the client to that experience and to compose a correct harmonization. Invest in greater thematization in the entrance area, to leverage the first impression. Plan themed locations for visitors to take photos. To create the perfect environment, you must put yourself in the user’s shoes, and analyze if the colors, sounds and lights are pleasant and offer the desired impact.

Mascot: Analyzing great strategies and themes that are a success until today is a great way to seek inspiration. Licensing big names or popular animations are great business examples. In any case, it is important to seek a theme that remains relevant and updated over the years. Another option is to create your own mascot related to the chosen theme, with potential to appear at parties, T-shirts, gifts, in your Bowling and other attractions.

Updates: A Family Entertainment Center is not a static thing. It is constantly changing and evolving, especially to differentiate itself from others, creating a distinct experience and providing an environment that people want to return to. In this regard, invest periodically in new features. People who have been there several times will always be in search of something new, and they may be dissatisfied because they have seen everything several times.

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