I-Parking solutions for Metropolises

Generate democratic urban mobility in cities, including sustainability principles, is one of the major challenges faced by managers in charge of municipalities nowadays. Providing public transport services, as well as the provision of public and private parking lots should be part of urban mobility management strategies. For example, public car parks may be charged in the most congested regions, in order to reduce the circulation.

However, today the technology market already provides effective and efficient solutions that help in various stages of urban mobility in cities. Imply Technology is a company with great impact in this regard because it has cutting edge solutions that streamline and facilitate urban mobility, such as the i-Parking Parking Meter and Parking Management . The company also offers full support in the task of planning public and private parking lots for higher quality in the execution of the management of urban mobility, since the planning when well structured results in overall satisfaction of users and managers.

According to Diane Assmann, Imply lawyer, “The initiative of Imply to develop products tailored to this need will surely be of great help and support to public agencies; they can count on quality products, meet all legislative requirements and meet the expectation of a better quality of life regarding urban mobility”.

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