I-Play innovates with Green Bowling Imply® in Australia

I-Play innovates with Green Bowling Imply® in Australia

The I-Play Family Entertainment Center is always looking for innovation and cutting-edge technology to offer the best experience for families. The I-Play Network located in the modern Pacific Fair Shopping Center in Australia now has 4 lanes of the innovative Green Bowling Imply®. All the space was designed for the families. All the Center has access ramps for people with special needs. There venue offers lots of fun, with an excellent menu, games, as well as spaces for celebrating parties, birthdays, and corporate meetings.
Imply® has developed the Green Bowling® Official Bowling Lanes with state-of-the-art entertainment technology. All designed to create a new bowling experience. With the fusion of our world-market know-how and creative ideas, Green Bowling® combines a variety of reasons to attract players, provide a more fun way to make many strikes, and keep them coming back for more!


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