Imply®, a global company

Imply®, a global company

Imply® is a global company, today present in over 35 countries on 5 continents. And besides expanding its presence on the global market, Imply® has a team of internationally qualified professionals. Among the Imply’s talent team, recently summed up two young cosmopolitans in the area of international trade. Yuliya Makarevich, from Russia, and Sergio Herrarte, from Guatemala are talents with international experience who came add their skills to promote Imply® business in the global scenary.

In addition to plan strategies and develop actions for the company’s expansion, the presence of these two young professionals enriches the entire team. Thus, Imply® encourages its employees to have a global vision, and develops personal and professional competences from the international experience, and knowledge exchange. Moreover, seeks to reduce the differences between people and the barriers between countries.

Yuliya Makarevich, from Russia, and Tiana Ortiz, Imply® Marketing manager, in a note published in Expansao magazine

Sergio Herrarte, da Guatemala

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