Imply® automates Access Control in Stadiums in Morocco

Imply® automates Access Control in Stadiums in Morocco

The Sanya El Raml, Berkane and Ben Ahmed Al Abadi Stadiums, located in Morocco, will feature state-of-the-art technology from the complete SIGA – Imply® Access Control and Management System. Imply® SIGA provides intelligent tools to enhance the public’s experience, as well as optimize the security and performance of access control operations at large events.
The stadiums located respectively in the cities of Moghreb Tétouan, Berkane, and El Jadida have a capacity of 10 to 15 thousand fans each, with spaces for leisure and shopping, in addition to meeting International standards, with lighting systems and technologies that respect the most modern standards.

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Sanya El Raml Stadium
Capacity: 15,000 seats
City: Moghreb Tétouan


Berkane Stadium
Capacity: 15,000
City: Berkane


Ben Ahmed Al Abadi Stadium
Capacity: 15,000
City: El Jadida


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